Never on Sunday

“The children of Piraeus”, more widely known as “Never on Sunday”.

An award winning original song from 1960, this tune by Manos Hatzidakis has made more than a few rounds around the world and enjoyed hundreds of different performances and covers. Here are a few of them, as they are presented by the composer himself:

Although, I have to admit, he didn’t mention my personal favorite:

I feel a particular bond with this song. It reminds me of my dad, as, in one of his thousands of video recordings, there was a trumpeter in New York City, in mid 90s, playing the song while walking among people at the lobby of the Marriott. On the other hand, I had the chance to sing along, as the song was performed by the elderly band of cult piano-bar “Luci d’Alba”, in Padenghe sul Garda, Italy. This is just a hint of how universal this song is.

May any of us have the skills, creativity and opportunity to create such an eternal masterpiece. It’s one of those things that make our world a richer, more beautiful place; even if, sometimes, they bring tears to our eyes.

God, I miss home right now…

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