Brian Campbell chokes out Luke Thomas

composite video

Morning Kombat, Showtime’s first live digital series, is the home of veteran combat sports analysts Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell, and my personal go-to source for information and analysis on all things MMA and boxing.

With every new Morning Kombat episode, the question lingers: when Brian slips that rear naked choke in, will Luke tap or go nap?

Let’s take a look into a possible future.

February 2021. The pandemic is long gone, fights are held with crowds, and Showtime is having a party. Luke is chatting with Mrs Thomas, not noticing that the string ensemble is playing Sweet Caroline, or that Brian is about to choke him out.

Featuring scenes from The Dark Knight. Neil Young’s “Sweet Caroline” performed by LFQ String Quartet.

The video was presented live on August 17th, 2020.

For more Morning Kombat, make sure you check out their YouTube channel, and Instagram.

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