Cloud Wedding

poster design

Cloud Wedding is the amazing (and totally unofficial) Lego crossover project, tailor-made to celebrate a special day for a dear couple of friends and their wonderful family.

The illustration features Claudio as Indiana Jones, Gaia as Princess Leia, their son Lucio as Spider-Man, and their dog Anubis as… himself, I guess! Yoda makes a cameo appearance, saying his famous “there is another” line , as an indication that Lucio is about to have a little sister!

I tried to be as faithful as possible to actual existing Lego toys, with a couple of artistic licenses here and there, mainly mixing heads, bodies and accessories between different versions of the same character or, in Anubis’ case, between a Lego german shepherd and an Anubis guard.

The wedding took place in Franciacorta, in Lombardy, Northern Italy; it’s an area famous for its fine wine production; the background features a heavily blurred and filtered photograph of a Franciacorta vineyard, shifting from green to blue as it ascends to the starry sky.

The poster was printed on A3 size solid media and was given to every guest as the wedding’s official gift.

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