Morning Kombat studio posters

Posters – Composite images

Morning Kombat, Showtime’s first live digital series, is the home of veteran combat sports analysts Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell, and my personal go-to source for information and analysis on all things MMA and boxing.

I have made numerous Morning Kombat composite images since the beginning of the show; when the MK producing team started working on a new studio, I was asked to provide them with print-ready files of my composites. I proudly answered the call with 12 adaptations of the previous creations, as well as a brand new one inspired by Breaking Bad. All the images were redesigned to a standard poster ratio, and they feature new, custom-made credits, as a shout to Luke, Brian, Malka Media and CBS Sports.

The new studio was introduced on episode 250, but the posters made their first appearance on episode 268, February 23rd, 2022.

For more Morning Kombat, make sure you check out their YouTube channel, and Instagram.

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