Affido è

Flyers – Posters

“Affido è” is a campaign aiming to inform about and promote the foster care system of Brescia, Italy, spearheaded by the Municipality of Brescia (Comune di Brescia) and supported by the non-profit associations that operate in Brescia and other cities of Lombardy: Associazione Fraternità, Cooperativa Elefanti Volanti, Coordinamento Famiglie Affidatarie, Fondazione L’Albero della Vita, and Prendimi in Affetto.

The creative project was realized in late 2020, when anti-COVID-19 lockdowns were in full effect, so this material didn’t actually see the light of day till early 2022.

The flyers and posters feature stylized iconic landmarks of Brescia and a stylized family riding around the city on a tandem bicycle, a symbol of the foster care system in the Provice of Brescia. I proposed three different color schemes to choose from: yellow (Wheat), green (Granny Smith Apple), and purple (Maximum Blue Purple). All three of them drew a positive reaction out of everyone, so they went ahead and printed all the different versions.

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