An about page

An about face

My name is Christos Athanasios Christoforos Theocharis. It’s an excellent ice-breaker and a bureaucratic nightmare; you can call me Chris.

I design graphics and media, illustrate, animate, and creatively mix all of the above.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where I first grabbed a pencil and a marker and started drawing anything and – to my parents’ despair – on any surface. This was long before getting my hands on my first computer and realizing that it was the natural extension of what I was already doing. Since late 2002, I live in Italy, where I first came to study medicine.

Webscream documents my life’s creative journey. In the beginning it was merely a cool name and a cool logo; disciplines kept adding up, new tools were added to my arsenal and techniques kept improving. The name remained the same, the logo matured a bit, and a website to finally host my portfolio – and rants – was made.

Curious about my work? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line at chris@webscream.net.